When: January 27-29, 2019  (Attendees are encouraged to also participate in FFA Day at the Capitol on February 28.)


Where: St. Paul will be the main site and accommodations.  We will also travel to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the Capitol.


Who: FFA members in grades 10-12 are encouraged to apply. 


The FFA Agricultural Policy Experience encourage and challenge students to push past their current knowledge of agricultural issues and policy and become a more informed and active leader in their schools and communities.

Attendees are paired with an agricultural policy mentor during the conference and will also have the opportunity to meet with legislators from across the state.

Participants will:

  • Understand advocacy as “communicating and acting on behalf of something about which we are knowledgeable, experienced and passionate.”

  • Understand and engage in the legislative process in Minnesota.

  • Develop greater understanding of the issues currently facing Minnesota agriculture.

  • Understand the role they play in advocacy as FFA leaders on the local and state level.

Topics covered in the conference include:

  • History of political influence through agriculture

  • Your important personal role in policy engagement

  • Experience in the legislative process including participation in a mock senate

  • Physical and demographic make-up of legislature

  • Using credible resources to influence

  • Interaction of politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, media

  • Overview of today’s issues

  • Creating an action plan for FFA Day at the Capitol

  • Scope of personal participation at local, state and federal levels

For more about Minnesota FFA Conferences and events, please visit the Minnesota FFA Conferences page.

2019 Conference Details

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