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Students competing in the Agricultural Sales Career Development Event (CDE) gain experience and skills essential to the production and marketing of agricultural products. The team event illustrates related careers and offers a firsthand look at developing product knowledge and driving sales.

Each team in the Agricultural Sales CDE consists of four students, each person’s effort contributing to the team’s final score. Teams are provided an example product, product information, and customer profiles at the event's start, from which they collaboratively develop a sales plan. Judges then evaluate the collaboration process and the team’s final sales plan. Individuals also complete a written exam that tests sales concept knowledge.

This CDE is particularly suited to students interested in future careers involving sales and marketing, while also growing student skills in customer relations, advertising and sales concepts.

Expectations at Convention for Ag Sales
  • Four students make up an Ag Sales Team - All four scores count.

  • Teams will take their test in the testing room.

  • According to the posted schedule, all teams will start with planning and move directly to their presentation, followed by their individual sale.

What SHOULD students bring? (Tools/equipment/materials)
  • Product information binders 

  • Pencil 

What can students NOT BRING for themselves? 
  • Items/prototypes of items for sale

  • Smartwatch and cell phone.

What will get a student/team disqualified?
  • Bringing items/prototypes that are being sold

  • Phone/smart watch/technology use

  • Talking with teammates between planning/presentation rooms

Scoring clarification
  • Final sale slips are not required and will not be considered in an individual's score.   

  • Business cards are optional and will not help or hurt an individual's score. 

For your specific questions contact:


Natasha Mortenson

Minnesota FFA LDE Coordinator

146 Ruttan Hall   

1984 Buford Ave.    

St Paul, MN 55108



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