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This Minnesota-only CDE consists of judging 4 land areas, either pits or soil borings.

Expectations at Convention for Soils
  • Official Dress is expected but also dress to be outdoors. Weather is typically wet and cold, dress with good footwear, coat, hat and gloves.

  • May be outdoors for slope

  • Pit boxes will be used

What SHOULD students bring? (Tools/equipment/materials)
  • Two pencils

  • Clean clipboards  

  • Spray bottle with water

  • Rag or hand towel for own use

What can students NOT BRING for themselves? 
  • Any paper materials

  • A Minnesota Land Judging Scorecard Instructions packet

  • Calculator


What will get a student/team disqualified? 
  • Using cell phones during the event

  • Sharing answers with other participants

  • Talking to other participants during the event

  • Using a Minnesota Land Judging Scorecard Instructions packet other than the one provided


What will be provided by the event?
  • Scantron sheet

  • A Minnesota Land Judging Scorecard Instructions packeand all paper materials 

  • Calculator

Past Event Details

2021 Soils Pits profiles and placards

     2021 Soils Official and Key

          2021 Materials to duplicate

          2021 Soils Instructions


For your specific questions contact:


Dennis (BJ) Bjorklund

Minnesota FFA CDE Coordinator


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