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CTE Safety Trainings and Webinars:

Safety for AFNR Facilities - 2022 (07/14/2022)


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MDE Resources:

This document is how you teach and run a safety program. This is MN only and will not be a part of the national publisher offering. While the safety tests and keys in the other two documents are exciting, this document is the most important and following it is the single best thing you can do to reduce your liability if a student were to be injured. The major sections of these book are: (a) introductory materials with legal must knows, (b) safety disciplines for instructor, (c) facility regulations and district procedures, (d) teaching procedures, and (e) forms.

This document is based on the student workbook sold for decades by Hobar: a spiral bound book used in ag departments all over the country which thirty total tools. We have 80 individual tools with full color photos, plus a general safety section, and a hand tools section.

This document contains the answers to the part IDs and completion questions in the student document above. It also has 82 safety tests and keys for the corresponding tools in the student book.

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