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During the Prepared Public Speaking Leadership Development Event (LDE), students write and deliver a six to eight-minute speech about a current agriculture-related topic.

Students research a topic of interest and then put together a creative, informative speech. The speech is then presented to a panel of judges, who score the student based on the speech’s content, composition and delivery.

Expectations at Convention for Prepared Public Speaking
  • Official Dress is required.

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled speaking time.

  • Ask before leaving the event.

  • Check in and make sure your name is called prior to competing

What SHOULD students bring? (Tools/equipment/materials)
  • A copy of the speech for personal use if needed

What can students NOT BRING for themselves? 
  • No props allowed to be brought in

What will get an individual disqualified? 
  • Disruptive behavior

  • Plagiarism 

What will be provided by the event?
  • A place to sit while waiting for the competition

State Qualifier Submissions due April 1 

For your specific questions contact:


Natasha Mortenson

Minnesota FFA LDE Coordinator

146 Ruttan Hall   

1984 Buford Ave.    

St Paul, MN 55108



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