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In the Poultry Evaluation Career Development Event (CDE), teams consisting of four individuals evaluate and select live meat chickens and live egg hens.  They also evaluate and grade ready-to-cook carcasses and parts of chickens and turkeys, eggs, and further processed poultry products.  They identify poultry parts and complete a written exam on poultry production and management.

***All students will start at Cargill 105 (7:45-Region 6-8, 8:45 Region 1-5). We hope to have buses to move students.  No live production bird judging class because of Avian Influenza concerns.

Expectations at Convention for Poultry Evaluation
  • Official Dress required  

  • Students will remain in assigned groups

  • Students need to know their chapter number

What SHOULD students bring? (Tools/equipment/materials)
  • Two pencils

What can students NOT BRING for themselves? 
  • A steno, notebook, or any paper materials

  • A calculator

  • A clipboard


What will get a student/team disqualified? 
  • Using cell phones and/or smart watches during the event

  • Sharing answers with other participants

  • Talking to other participants during the event

  • Using any paper materials not provided by the event

  • ANY abuse of live birds


What will be provided by the event?
  • Calculator

  • Any required printed materials

  • Scratch paper

  • Scantron sheet

  • Disposable boots 

For your specific questions contact:


Natasha Mortenson

Minnesota FFA CDE Coordinator

146 Ruttan Hall   

1984 Buford Ave.    

St Paul, MN 55108



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