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The Forestry Career Development Event (CDE) requires students to demonstrate their skills in diagnosing forest disorders, managing forests and forest inventory and applying approved silviculture practices. Participation in the event offers students experience relevant to a career choice in forestry and natural resources.


A team event for four students, this CDE provides recognition for those who have demonstrated skills and competencies resulting from forestry instruction in the agricultural education classroom. Members demonstrate knowledge through a written exam of basic forestry principles, tree and equipment identification, and demonstration of practical forestry skills, such as forest disorders, forest management, inventory and approved silviculture practices.

Skills learned from this event prepare students for a variety of careers in forestry and natural resources.

Expectations at Convention for Forestry
  • Official Dress is expected but also dress to be outdoors. Timber cruising, compass, scaling are all done outside. Weather is typically wet and cold, dress with good footwear, coat, hat and gloves.

  • ID and written portions are usually completed indoors.

What will be provided by the event?
  • Calculator and Clipboard

  • Scantron sheet

  • Identification specimen

  • Specimen lists

  • Written test and all paper materials 

  • Compass/GPS Device (if applicable practicum for that year)

What SHOULD students bring? (Tools/equipment/materials)
  • Two pencils

  • Biltmore/tree stick

  • Tape measure

What can students NOT BRING for themselves? 
  • Any paper materials

  • Clinometer, range finders, D-tapes, measuring wheel, reloskops

  • Clipboard or calculator


What will get a student/team disqualified? 
  • Using cell phones and/or smart watches during the event

  • Sharing answers with other participants

  • Talking to other participants during the event

  • Prohibited tools


For your specific questions contact:


Dennis (BJ) Bjorklund

Minnesota FFA CDE Coordinator


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