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FFA has a dynamic degree system that rewards student's achievement as they progress in their leadership, interpersonal, and professional skills.

Students can begin their journey at the chapter level with the Discovery, Greenhand, and Chapter FFA Degrees. They can then apply for a State FFA Degree from the state association, and finally work toward the coveted American FFA Degree after graduating from high school.

Check below for a complete list of Discovery Degree requirements. See all of the FFA Degrees available.

Discovery Degree

Discovery FFA Degrees are given out at the chapter level.  To be eligible to receive the Discovery FFA Degree from a chapter, the member must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Be enrolled in an agricultural education class for at least a portion of the school year while in grades 7 – 8.

  2. Have become a dues paying member of the FFA at local, region, state, and national levels.

  3. Participate in at least one local FFA chapter activity outside of scheduled class time.

  4. Have a knowledge of agriculturally related career, ownership and entrepreneurial opportunities.

  5. Be familiar with the local FFA chapter program of activities.

  6. Submit written applications for the degree.

Questions? Contact your local FFA advisor for more information about the Chapter, Greenhand and Discovery degrees. Contact Minnesota FFA Association for State and American degree information.

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