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In the Companion Animal Science Career Development Event (CDE), students working in teams demonstrate their technical competency with companion animals by completing a written exam, critical-thinking scenario questions, identifications and hands-on practicums.


This Minnesota-only event is designed to assess student knowledge, application, analytical, and evaluation abilities in the area of small animal care, veterinary skills, and pet store management. Students advance to the National competition in the Veterinary Science CDE.

Expectations at Convention for Companion Animal Science
  • CDE held inside, mainly sitting in a theater

  • Students will be viewing slides, reading questions, scenarios & diagrams/pictures

What SHOULD students bring? (Tools/equipment/materials)
  • 2 - #2 pencils 

What can students NOT BRING for themselves? 
  • Breed ID lists

What will get a student/team? 
  • Talking to other students 

  • Sitting next to chapter members

  • Electronic device use

What will be provided by the event?
  • Calculator and Clipboard

  • Breed/Specie ID Lists

  • All other practicum ID lists

  • Blank paper (if desired for problem solving or math problems)

For your specific questions contact:


Natasha Mortenson

Minnesota FFA LDE Coordinator

146 Ruttan Hall   

1984 Buford Ave.    

St Paul, MN 55108



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