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This event provides an opportunity for new FFA members to compete with those from other chapters regarding their basic knowledge of FFA. A written test consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions will be taken from the current Official FFA Manual.

Expectations at Convention for Best Informed Greenhand

Students will take a 100-question test in a large room with other students. They must fill out and correctly put their answer on a scantron. When they are done with their test and have thoroughly checked over their scantron, they will turn it in to the proctor. Then they are able to leave.


What SHOULD students bring? (Tools/equipment/materials)
  • #2 Pencil

  • Wear Official Dress


What can students NOT BRING for themselves? 
  • FFA Handbook or other resources to use on their test. 


What will get students/teams disqualified? 
  • Talking while testing

  • Cheating off another contestant or using other resources

  • Having a phone out while testing or observed using your smartwatch.


What will be provided by the event?
  • The test and the scantron


For your specific questions contact:


Natasha Mortenson

Minnesota FFA LDE Coordinator

146 Ruttan Hall   

1984 Buford Ave.    

St Paul, MN 55108



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