The Regional Officer Continuum offers three training opportunities for regional officers to prepare for their year of service.  These conferences are the Regional Officer Leadership Orientation, Providing Officers with Essential Resources (POWER) and POWER II.

Regional Officer Leadership Orientation (ROLO) is an event offered to regional officer teams to provide them with training and resources to have a successful year.  The focus of the conferences is on individual leadership and development.



  • Region Officers will be able to define leadership and understand their role as an influence in their region.

  • Region Officers will practice skills needed to build relationships.

  • Region Officers will create a plan to develop their individual talents into strengths while understanding the talents of their teammates.

  • Region Officers will create a strong foundation for officers to understand their role as a region officer.

    • Officers will construct SMART goals for themselves

    • Officers will understand their role in advocating for FFA, Agriculture Education and agriculture.

    • Officers will create a plan for personal growth.

  • Region Officers will understand and explore their roles as servant leaders.

Providing Officers with Essential Resources (POWER) Conference allows Regional Officers from around the state to work together with fellow regional officers to establish regional goals and a plan for implementation.  POWER focuses on team development, development of the region's Program of Activities, and provides teams with the tools to facilitate effective regional leadership conferences.


  • Officers will identify the stages of team development.

  • Officers will develop trust among team members.

  • Officers will understand the dysfunctions of a team and how to avoid them.

  • Officers will create an accountability system.

  • Officers will understand their influence.

  • Officers will develop team goals.

  • Officers will develop a region Program of Activities.

  • Officers will identify the talents of their teammates and how the team can balance each other.

  • Officers will develop a plan for one regional conference.

  • Officers will identify and apply the components of curriculum development while planning for a regional leadership conference.

  • Officers will demonstrate effective directions.

  • Officers will provide feedback to regional officers.

2020 ROLO Conference Details

When: May - July


Where: Within the team's region


Who: All Regional Officers are expected to attend

2020 POWER Conference Details

When: July 20-22, 2020 (Registration at noon; Begins at 1:00 pm; Concludes by 3 p.m.)


Where: TBD


Who: All Regional Officers are expected to attend

For more about Minnesota FFA Conferences and events, please visit the Minnesota FFA Conferences page.

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