Nominating Committee

Minnesota FFA's State Officer Team is selected from a dynamic pool of candidates by equally impressive students representing Minnesota FFA members in every region.  These Nominating Committee members spend 4 days together throughout the spring preparing to interview and then slate the next team of officers.

Nominating Committee members represent the best Minnesota FFA has to offer.  These students have robust leadership experiences ranging from serving as chapter or region officers and attending state camps and conferences to leading service projects or other school organizations.  They care about leadership, agriculture and other people.  While every nominating committee member's resume is unique, they all share a passion for FFA and a desire to be part of the decision making process.

Nominating Committee applicants are social, committed to the integrity of FFA and its processes and are the kind of students willing to work hard to get a project done - and done right.  

MN FFA's Nominating Committee selection process uses the following priorities and guidelines:

1) All selected committee members will come from chapters in good standing with the state association and will be active FFA members.

2) The nominating committee will consist of one student representative from each region in addition to adult representatives and two past state officer co-chairs selected from the state at large.

3) In order to represent MN FFA students of all backgrounds, the selection committee will work to build a nominating committee that balances the different perspectives and experiences of MN FFA members (age, gender, race, chapter/community type, types of experiences, etc) while selecting students who possess the maturity, independence and perspective to be able to make strong decisions for the association.  

4) Regional appointments to the nominating committee members will not come from chapters that have state officer candidates in this year's selection process.  No student can serve consecutive years on the committee.  Special consideration will be given to students representing chapters that have not recently had a member serve on the nominating committee.

 **Applicants must be available to attend the training date on Friday, March 13, 2019 and must be available to begin the selection process for State Officers on Friday, April 17 at 7:00pm through Tuesday, April 21.



Applications are due February 1.

Please contact Juleah Tolosky at or Lavyne Rada at with any questions about the application or responsibilities of this opportunity.

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