Minnesota FFA Foundation and Alumni Support

The Minnesota FFA Foundation and Minnesota FFA Alumni provide opportunities for students through sponsorships by businesses and individuals.  Scholarships to attend leadership conferences are available. 

Washington Leadership Conference Scholarship
State Leadership Conference Scholarships
FFA Jacket Scholarship Applications

Beyond its place in Official Dress, an FFA corduroy jacket is an article of faith, honor and pride.  The jacket unifies members in a long-standing tradition and reminds them that they are part of something larger than themselves. Let’s give every member the chance to be part of the tradition.


With generous gifts, the Minnesota FFA Foundation and National FFA Organization are able to gift jackets to members who would not otherwise be able to own their own jacket.

Minnesota FFA Foundation's Blue Jacket Bright Future FFA Jacket Scholarship
National FFA's Give the Gift of Blue Scholarship

Grants are available from the National FFA Organization to help support FFA chapters, FFA alumni affiliates and students’ supervised agricultural experiences (SAEs).

Living to Serve Grants
Alumni Awards and Grants
SAE Grants


College Scholarships

The National FFA Organization offers students scholarships to members who plan to further their education after high school. Scholarships are sponsored by businesses and individuals through the National FFA Foundation.

Scholarships are available to match a wide variety of skills, experiences, career goals and higher-education plans. Approximately $2 million in scholarship money is available each year.

Minnesota FFA Foundation's James W. Tracy Scholarship
National FFA Scholarship Program
National FFA Scholarship Results

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