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Minnesota FFA members Transformed Purpose into Action at the 2016 National Convention Lavyne Rada 10/31/2016UnknownDownload
2016 Fall NewsletterLavyne Rada 10/31/2016UnknownDownload
MN FFA Results at the 88th National ConventionJim Ertl 11/5/2015131.41 KBDownload
2015 National Convention Press ReleaseJim Ertl 10/13/2015152.11 KBDownload
Corduory Connections State Fair IssueJim Ertl 8/14/20151.15 MBDownload
July 2015 FFA Board MinutesJim Ertl 8/12/201523.88 KBDownload
A Scholarship Thank YouJim Ertl 6/25/2015492.48 KBDownload
2015 2016 Adult BoardJim Ertl 6/25/2015300.89 KBDownload
2015 Pre Convention MinutesJim Ertl 6/25/201520.51 KBDownload
86th State Convention MinutesJim Ertl 6/24/201542.50 KBDownload
Delivery of the FFA MissionJim Ertl 2/16/2015828.81 KBDownload
National Convention 2014 NewsletterLavyne Rada 1/19/2015UnknownDownload
Fall 2014 NewsletterLavyne Rada 1/19/2015UnknownDownload
August 2014 Board MinutesJim Ertl 10/13/2014148.11 KBDownload
85th MN FFA Convention MinutesJim Ertl 10/13/201433.50 KBDownload
2014 National Convention Press ReleaseJim Ertl 10/6/2014422.74 KBDownload
Lavyne Rada Leadership Development CoordinatorJim Ertl 6/19/201415.26 KBDownload
MN FFA Winter Newsletter 2013-2014Jim Ertl 2/6/20146.66 MBDownload
MN FFA Today: Fall Newsletter 2013-14Jim Ertl 2/4/20144.45 MBDownload
MN FFA Today: Winter Newsletter 2013-14Jim Ertl 2/4/20141.04 MBDownload
National Convention Participation 2013Jim Ertl 10/24/2013217.50 KBDownload
MN FFA Social Media Links for 2013Jim Ertl 2/1/201314.22 KBDownload
Agriculture Workforce Summary 2012Jim Ertl 1/2/2013193.85 KBDownload
National Convention Participation Release 2012Jim Ertl 9/28/2012234.00 KBDownload



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