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 Welcome to the Leadership Link!

The place to find resources, ideas, and activities for your chapter's leadership needs!

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 Chapter Resources

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Time Management WorkshopLeah Addington 6/11/2010531.50 KBDownload
Tools for Teams workshopLeah Addington 6/11/2010622.00 KBDownload
Recruitment and Retention WorkshopLeah Addington 6/11/2010553.00 KBDownload
Your Chapters Program of ActivitiesJim Ertl 7/17/201425.87 KBDownload
Conflict ManagementLeah Addington 6/11/2010486.50 KBDownload
Goal Setting WorkshopLeah Addington 6/11/2010493.00 KBDownload
Opening CeremoniesLeah Addington 9/20/2009104.00 KBDownload
Closing CeremoniesLeah Addington 9/20/200989.85 KBDownload
Sample ConstitutionLeah Addington 9/20/200940.44 KBDownload
POA Form ILeah Addington 9/20/200922.02 KBDownload


 Minnesota Leadership Continuum

Minnesota Leadership Continuum

FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

Minnesota offers a variety of opportunities for leadership development not only through local agricultural education programs but also through a variety of hands-on conferences for individuals and team.


Conferences for Individuals…


State Greenhand Leadership Conference (SGLC)


State Greenhand Leadership Conference is an event designed for first year FFA members.  It is a five day conference that offers students an opportunity to see how the FFA functions on a state level.  The program encourages new members to get involved and explore the many experiences that FFA has to offer related to premier leadership, personal growth and career success.   Student will have the chance to meet FFA members from around the state that share their similar interests.


  • Demonstrate effective steps to meet new people and begin a conversation

  • Identify the use and wear of Official Dress and Casual Official Dress

  • Demonstrate manners and proper etiquette at a variety of functions

  • Define leadership and articulate leadership characteristics

  • Design SMART goals for experiencing personal success

  • Create a plan for a Supervised Agricultural Experience program  

  • Compare Career Development Events and develop a plan for how to get involved  

  • Discover team building skills

  • Identify further opportunities in FFA through the chapter, region and state and construct a plan for future involvement

State Leadership Conference for Chapter Leaders (SLCCL)


State Leadership Conference for Chapter Leaders is the second leadership conference offered for Minnesota FFA members.  It is a four day conference that focuses on the member’s ability to serve on the chapter level.  Participants will focus on developing the skills needed to lead their chapter while focusing on student, chapter and community development activities. This conference is designed primarily for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.


  • Assess teamwork and accountability practices

  • Demonstrate communication skills

  • Identify service learning within their communities and participate in a service project

  • Design a Program of Activities which includes the National Quality Chapter Standards

  • Compile examples of the 15 Quality Standards for a chapter exchange of ideas

  • Identify FFA opportunities on the state and national levels

  • Define roles of a chapter officer

Habits to Own (H2O)


Habits to Own will build a strong foundation of the habits of leaders. The conference will cover every angle for developing themselves as leaders. This conference focus on student development.


The key objective of this conference is to motivate Minnesota FFA’s young leaders toward making good choices and focusing on their ability to influence others.  We will spend time focusing on leadership, communication, and the utilization of resources.  

Safari to Exemplary Leadership (Fall 2016)

Overall Goals:

  1. Students will understand the need to be an authentic leader with character.

  2. Students will understand the value having a plan for their future and enlisting others to make it a reality.

  3. Students will understand the value of searching for opportunities and taking risks.

  4. Students will learn how to enable others to act.


  1. Students will be able to define a habit.

  2. Students will be able to explain the correlation between character and leadership.

  3. Students will be able to clarify their values.

  4. Students will understand the need to be authentic leaders.

  5. Students will clarify their vision for the future.

  6. Students will understand the importance of who they surround themselves with.

  7. Students will be able to manage their time so they can seize opportunities.

  8. Students will be able to demonstrate that discipline is the pathway to reaching a goal.

  9. Students will be able to create a culture of trust.

  10. Students will be able to strengthen other’s ability to lead.

  11. Students will identify their natural abilities and talents

  12. Students will create a plan to grow their natural talents and personal discipline.

  13. Students will celebrate what we will do when we go home

Washington Leadership Conference (WLC)

(A delegation of MN students goes to WLC each year)


WLC is offered for seven one-week sessions during the summer in Washington, D.C., and is conducted by former state and national FFA leaders.  This action packed conference will teach you valuable skills in personal development, motivation, leadership, teamwork, citizenship and goal setting.


  • Problem Solving

  • Relationship Building

  • Living with Character

  • Developing an attitude of Serving Others

Conferences for regional teams…

Regional Officer Leadership Orientation (ROLO)


Regional Officer Leadership Orientation is an event offered to regional officer teams to provide them with training and resources to have a successful year.  The focus of the conferences is on individual leadership and development.


  • Region Officers will be able to define leadership and understand their role as an influence in their region.

  • Region Officers will practice skills needed to build relationships.

  • Region Officers will create a plan to develop their individual talents into strengths while understanding the talents of their teammates.

  • Region Officers will create a strong foundation for officers to understand their role as a region officer.

    • Officers will construct SMART goals for themselves

    • Officers will understand their role in advocating for FFA, Agriculture Education and agriculture.

    • Officers will create a plan for personal growth.

  • Region Officers will understand and explore their roles as servant leaders.

Providing Officers with Essential Resources (POWER)


POWER is a conference offered specifically to our eight regional officer teams.  POWER presents the regional teams with an opportunity to plan for their year as well as help them better understand their purpose in connecting the local chapter to the state FFA association.  The program encourages officer teams to set goals, develop a program of activities and plan for regional leadership events.  


  • Officers will identify the stages of team development.

  • Officers will develop trust among team members.

  • Officers will understand the dysfunctions of a team and how to avoid them.

  • Officers will create an accountability system.

  • Officers will understand their influence.

  • Officers will develop team goals.

  • Officers will develop a region Program of Activities.

  • Officers develop a plan for one regional conference.

  • Officers identify and demonstrate the pieces of the MAGIC Formula while developing a regional conference.

  • Officers demonstrate effective directions.

POWER II Objectives:

  • Students will be able to create an action plan to accomplish the aspirations and opportunities of their SOAR analysis.

  • Students will recall the stages of team development, identify what stage their team is at and recognize actionable ways to move forward in their team development.

  • Students will demonstrate an activity from their fall conference to receive constructive feedback on their facilitation techniques and use of the MAGIC formula.

  • Students will identify best practices of preparing for and facilitating an end-of-the-year banquet.

  • Students will analyze how they can effectively transition from their region officer team to the next year’s team.

Conferences for State FFA Officers…


The National FFA Organization offers a premier development program for state officers to begin their year of service. BLAST Off provides training in life management, presentations, social skills, personal goals and assessment.

National Leadership Conference for State Officers (NLCSO)

The second component of the state FFA officer-training continuum builds on the individual training received during BLAST OFF. The curriculum for this 3-1/2 day conference focuses on:

  • Developing teams and team performance

  • Developing, delivering and evaluating presentations

  • Building relationships between local, state and national levels 


State Presidents' Conference (SPC)

A weeklong leadership conference for two state officers from each association held annually in Washington, D.C.  This advanced leadership training builds on the first two components of the state FFA officer leadership continuum.  In addition to leadership development, participants develop an understanding of partner relationships and begin the initial phase of the national delegate process.


State Officer Professional Development (SOPD)

The purpose of State Officer Professional Development (SOPD) days is to provide state officers with knowledge and resources to help them build valuable skills in their personal and professional development.

SOPDs occur monthly and may include one or more of the following:

  • Business and industry visit

  • Attending an agricultural organization annual meeting

  • Working with a speech or personal development coach

  • Planning and preparing for upcoming events



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