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A Special Project of:
Minnesota FFA Foundation

 CHS Miracle of Birth Center Barnyard Attendant

The CHS Miracle Of Birth Center (CHS MOBC) Barnyard Attendant applications are due early April 2017.  The application is about the FFA member’s ability to communicate with others; their knowledge of and discussion about livestock involvement in FFA.  
Apply now at:
Applicants will work a seven day shift during the fair.  Selected applicants would arrive Wednesday the day before the fair by noon and Tuesday the middle of the fair also by noon, ending Labor day by 5 PM.
Interviews may be conducted during the Minnesota FFA Convention.  Individuals will be notified if an interview is needed.  Past Barnyard Attendees will NOT be re-interviewed.  
We accommodate work load by scheduling daily routine for meals and breaks; however the display opens at 9 AM and closes at 9 PM daily.  A typical day is from 6am-10pm with three 1-2 hour breaks during the day.  
Duties include:
  • Morning & Evening Feeding
  • Animal Care & Cleaning
  • Facility Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Milking Demonstrations
  • Holding Animals for Fairgoers
  • Sharing Personal Experiences with Fairgoers
  • Media/Interview Opportunities
 A training day for all Barnies, Staff and Veterinarians will be held August 1st, 2017.  The training will include additional communication skills, knowledge of the animals and the key messages on caring for each specie.  The training will review most frequently asked questions such as:
  • where do all the animals come from?
  • do the animals go home?
  • is this a boy or girl and how can you tell?
  • how big will it grow?
  • why are the pigs in stalls?
  • why are the calves separated from the cows?
  • why are the chickens in cages?
  • and more questions regarding sheep and lambing, poultry, rabbits and goats.  
We will discuss more of the species that will be exhibited at the fair.




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